Rules of the promotion SOLO 3D up to 20% for doorsets

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Rules of the promotion SOLO 3D up to 20% for doorsets:

  1. The discount is valid only to a door set in the surface SOLO 3D. DoorSet contains door and frame (hinges and lock) with no handles, and other accessories
  2. Discount is valid for all Solodoor models in surface SOLO 3D.
  3. The customer receives a discount in total amount 15% for doorsets on selected items in SOLO 3D surfaces.
  4. The customer receives a discount in total amount 20% for doorsets with rounded edge on selected items in SOLO 3D surfaces (Discount doesn´t valid for rounded edges products in cross decors)
  5. Dicsounts can´t be combined
  6. Discounts are not valid to any surcharges and add.requirements (atypical and configuration).
  7. This sales event can´t be combined with another action or nonstandards discount, for example discount for samples adn etc.
  8. This kind of discount is provided by Solodoor a.s.
  9. The promotion is valid to 31.12.2015
  10. The offer is valid for the end customers in all authorized dealers of Solodoor company.
  11. For deliveries, which includes products of promotions, the company SOLODOOR reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms of delivery in relation to the current demand and production possibilities. Modification of the date of production subject to any penalties or other sanctions.
  12. The company SOLODOOR a.s. reserves the right to finally decide in all matters relating to this promotion.
  13. The company SOLODOOR a.s. is also authorized to change this action, cancel or modify anytime its rules during its life, without any compensation for the final consumer or dealer.
  14. To provide discounts arises any legal claim.

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