Interior doors

If you are looking for beautiful, high quality interior doors, you are in the right place. Our doors are suitable for all types of interiors in flats, family homes or offices. You can choose from many types of surfaces, decorations and optional finishes.

Wooden SOLODOOR interior doors

View our range of interior doors using the simple application which you can find on our website. This will enable you to simply visualise SOLODOOR interior doors in your own interiors. Wooden interior doors make your home more comfortable. You can choose from many surfaces and decorations. We also manufacture all the offered interior doors (apart from special doors) as sliding or non-rebated doors.

White or coloured interior doors

Are you interested in coloured interior doors or do you prefer classic white? No matter what, you are bound to be able to find what you are looking for in our range of interior doors. SOLODOOR interior doors enliven every room. We also offer special fire doors, smoke-proof doors and soundproof doors . SOLODOOR interior doors and doorframes raise the level of your dwelling and make the environment more pleasant.