Steel doorframe casings

Steel doorframes

Casings for steel doorframes can be supplied for an existing steel doorframe according to the ČSN standard. It is necessary to adhere to certain conditions in order to install the casing. The conditions are stated on an independent flyer – the measuring protocol.

It is necessary to reckon with the fact that this reduces the passage through the door by ca 3 cm and lowers it by 1.5 cm. It is also necessary for the lock in the door to have an 80 mm mortise.

Minimum wall width: 80 mm. The adjustability of the steel doorframe casing: - 4 + 10 mm

The casing for the Special steel doorframe is mainly designated for prefabricated blocks of flats where it is not possible to use a standard casing for a steel doorframe.

Steel doorframe casing
Special steel doorframe casing


Single door: 60, 70, 80, 90 / 197 cm
Double door: 125, 145, 160/ 197 cm