The Sušice brand store

A large selection in one place

Would you like to view all our door models in one place? At our brand store in Sušice, you will find tens of doors in various finishes, panelled and glazed interior doors and doors with various surface finishes ranging from film to veneer. Our product range includes:

  • interior doors
  • special doors, fire doors or soundproof doors
  • fully glazed doors
  • sliding doors, including hollow wall structures
  • metal door fittings and other door accessories

Assistance with choosing a door and an immediate price calculation

Do you know which door surface to choose or whether to select a panelled or glazed door? Our experienced specialists will advise you on choosing suitable doors for your home based on your ideas and requirements. They will also draw up a price calculation for the door and doorframe on the spot, if they have the following information from you: the width and height of the structural opening, the width of the wall, the orientation of the doors and the number of doors.

We can secure the measuring and installation of the doors for you.

Our specialists can measure and install your doors. Your doors will be installed by skilled and proficient employees with many years of experience. Our employees have been regularly trained in the area of modern installation trends for a number of years which means that they are truly experts in their field. Moreover, they are able to expertly resolve almost every necessary modification on site.

The warranty and post-warranty service

This service is a matter of course for our customers. In the case of any complications, our qualified employees are on hand to assist you.

Further products for your flat and house

As well as doors, the shop also includes products for building or reconstructing a house or flat. This involves products from tried and tested, high quality partners. We secure expert on site installation for all the products.

  • kitchen doors – film, veneer, solid wood
  • vnitřní parapové desky s nosem, exterior anodised aluminium windowsills
  • decking, flooring materials
  • the termination of solid wood profile mouldings
  • a planing program, blocks, balcony boards, balcony profiles, planed fence boards
  • floating floors including skirting boards
  • wooden Euro windows – a comprehensive service, including assembly
  • Gealan plastic windows – a comprehensive service, including assembly
  • solid wood and plastic entrance doors – a comprehensive service, including installation
  • decking entrance door with a frame
  • RoofLITE roof windows including beading

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