Class 2 Fire Doors

Class 2 Fire Doors

Class 2 fire doors are installed in those places where the installation of a fire stop with increased protection against the penetration of unauthorised individuals (for example entrance doors to residential units) is required.

The security is provided using a TRILOGIA five-point security lock and the installation of pins preventing unhinging.

SOLODOOR Class 2 fire doors are made with a fire resistance of 30 min (EI230/EW30) and they can only be fully panelled single doors.

Class 2 fire doors are only installed in special steel fire doorframes or it is possible to modify an existing steel fire doorframe.

Class 2 fire doors in a sealed steel doorframe can be soundproof (34 dB, 35 dB, 37 dB) and it is possible to install a peephole and a self-closing mechanism.

The complete Class fire door range:

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