Fire resistant doors

Fire resistant

Fire resistant doors are installed in those places where the law requires the installation of a fire protection closure (ČSN EN 13 501), for example in solid fuel boiler rooms. Fire resistant doors can be used as entrance doors to residential units for increased security and to prevent any eventual spread of a fire.

SOLODOOR Fire resistant doors are manufactured with a fire resistance of 30 min (EI230/EW30, single and double doors) or a fire resistance of 45 min. (EI230/EW45 – these doors can only be panelled single doors).

Fire resistant doors in SOLO fire resistant doorframes or in sealed metal doorframes can be smoke-proof against the penetration of cold and hot smoke (Sa, Sm) and soundproof (34 dB, 35 dB, 37 dB) and a peephole and self-closing mechanism can be installed.

We can supply fire resistant doors with a lock with a panic function, with prepared metal panic fittings and card systems.

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