The company’s goals and strategies  in the area of quality and the environment

Out fundamental goal is to be a reliable supplier of interior doors and doorframes which not only offers its customers high quality and attractive designer products with  short delivery terms, but also offers a wide range of additional services  associated with the sale.

We mainly achieve our long-term goals by means of the maximum use of our employees’ potential with the constant innovation of the design and utility properties of SOLODOOR products. We focus all of our activities on becoming the leader in  the area of production technology and commercial practices among the producers of interior doors and doorframes.

The quality and environment policy

The production of our interior doors and doorframes is ecologically clean from the point of view of the environment. The Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic has awarded SOLODOOR a.s. a licence to use the   “Environmentally Friendly Product” eco-label on its products: interior doors and doorframes under registration number 12-26.

The company has its registered office in Sušice, at the edge of the Bohemian Forest Nature Reserve and the Bohemian Forest National Park. For this reason, the company pays significant attention to the influence of its operations on the environment. The company’s registered office and the entire production facility are located in a unique natural environment which is frequently used for recreational purposes. We see our proximity to the unique Bohemian forest landscape complex as a significant obligation to preserve this environment.